Airspace Development

The shortfall in new housing supply in London and more widely in the UK demands new ways to deliver new and affordable homes.

Airspace in London

Airspace development provides an innovative option to create new value in untouched locations, and furthermore alleviate both the financial and housing pressures for local authorities – not just in terms of new supply but also in terms of saving on roof replacement programmes for both private freeholders and public bodies.

In 2016, we conducted comprehensive research on the market potential for airspace development, which identified that the London market alone has up to some 14.5 million square metres of potential space above its rooftops and translating this into development potential suggests the potential for up to 180,000 new homes.

Why airspace?

Airspace development brings a range of benefits to not only the freeholder of an existing property, but also the residents underneath and the local community, while providing both affordable and private new housing.

  • Freeholders can sell the airspace above their property rooftop and earn a significant financial payment, linked to the development potential of the property
  • Generate potential additional ground rent
  • Significantly improve the building fabric and kerb appeal – adding value of the overall building
  • Eliminate future roof area maintenance and costs
  • Help remedy London’s housing shortage
  • Cause minimal disruption to neighbours with offsite construction

A simple approach

A free, no obligation initial evaluation assesses the potential of your property. If your property is suitable, we purchase the airspace development rights, creating windfall cash paid to you at key project milestones:

1. Once contracts have been exchanged

2. On receipt of successful planning permission

3. Upon completion of the development project

Apex takes on full risk and responsibility for the lifespan of the project – including planning permission and project management. We specialise in advanced quality offsite modular construction – mitigating disturbance to you, your tenants and neighbours – speeding up project delivery.

The process


Property evaluation

Free, no obligation evaluation to assess your property potential.

legal payment

Legal agreement

First payment made to property owner on contract exchange for purchase of airspace rights.

planning payment

Planning agreement

Second payment made to property owner on receipt of local authority planning agreement.

final payment

Project completion

Third payment made to property owner on full completion of development.

Modular construction advantages

rapid installation

Rapid installation

We aim for one day installation.

London friendly

London friendly

Built offsite in a factory with minimal intrusion to neighbours and local infrastructure.

reduced build time

Minimal build time

50% reduced onsite build time and 90% fewer vehicle journeys to and from the site.

Reduced disruption

Minimal disruption

Reduced sound disturbance, weather setbacks and road closure.

no vacating

No moving out

Tenants can remain in the building during development.

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