When we formed Apex Airspace in 2016, we set out to make a real and tangible difference to the development landscape in London and beyond. Our dedicated acquisitions team work alongside local authorities and housing associations to unlock their assets and help address the housing shortage across the UK.

As demand for new homes is on the rise, public organisations are under pressure to find new innovative ways to accommodate for growing needs.

We offer partnership opportunities with registered social providers, including housing associations and local authorities, to utilise the airspace above their existing assets and increase the number of affordable homes whilst enhancing communities.

Working in collaboration, we ensure that everything we do is delivered in accordance with the organisation’s specific policies. We cover every angle of the development process and have the experience to evaluate the potential for airspace development in significant detail, working alongside the community and designated local authority to ensure the scheme meets necessary criteria.

Our scheme in Bermondsey recommended for planning approval in partnership with Lambeth & Southwark Housing Association (LSHA)

Airspace development provides an innovative option to create new value in untouched locations, and furthermore alleviate both the financial and housing pressures for public bodies – not just in terms of new supply but also in terms of saving on maintenance and roof replacement programmes.

Combined with advanced offsite modular construction, airspace development offers a unique solution to develop new and affordable homes in urban areas of tight density and land supply, in almost half the time it would take to undertake a traditional build, with minimal disruption to the existing residents and local community.


We deliver between 50% and 100% of our units as affordable housing, but how we do this depends on any agreed partnership. The airspace homes may stay within the organisation to increase their own affordable housing stock or we can offer a proportion of homes on the open market.

Our partnership either starts with the registered provider providing detail on their existing stock to consider for development, or alternatively, by our team identifying suitable sites. Our team works closely with the organisation in question, as well as external consultants including architects and structural engineers, to assess the viability of a potential development.

Once a partnership is in place, we work together to consider and develop a viable solution to build new airspace homes, while providing a range of enhancements to the public realm.

Our process for working with Registered Social Providers:

1. An initial meeting is held to discuss and identify potential sites for airspace development.

2. For each site, we carry out a full evaluation and assessment using advanced technology to assess the commercial viability for airspace development.

3. We review your current maintenance programme and roof replacement programme, to show how airspace development can create an asset to the building and community.


4. We share additional information including rudimentary planning advice, general build cost advice, and mock-ups of the site.

5. We negotiate necessary legal obligations and will issue a set of documents for legal review (including Heads of Terms and Employers requirements).

6. We may determine additional work that may be needed throughout the building, such as improvements to the communal spaces or external landscaping. We will include improvements in these places as part of our offer to you.

7. After an agreement is in place we proceed with the detailed architectural design and preparation of a full planning application.

Our experience of working with Apex has been excellent. Building trust and implementing a transparent relationship is really important to us - that’s something we have had from the outset.
Greater London Authority

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