Who We Are

Pioneers in our industry, we are passionate about how airspace development can help to solve the capital’s housing shortage.

Our aims

When we formed Apex Airspace in 2015, we set out to make a real and tangible difference to the development landscape in London and beyond; to unlock new value for future and current property owners, while helping to address the housing shortage across the UK.

We aim to do this by identifying opportunities with imagination and purpose, putting people at the centre of our work which aims to benefit first time buyers, those in need of affordable housing, landowners and the local communities in which the properties exist. We convert unused airspace into high-quality new homes for both private and affordable use.

Our approach

Innovation and passion lie at the heart of our approach. Combining comprehensive feasibility studies and detailed design with the latest offsite manufacturing techniques, we complete 95% of construction in factories across the UK. The manufacturing process is undertaken in a controlled assembly line environment, manned by highly skilled operatives who are ably supported by quality control and technical guidance personnel.

On site installation is completed within a few days, minimising disruption to existing residents and the local community. The total time spent onsite, including preparatory and finishing works, is reduced by 50% compared to a traditional build, with 95% less journeys between site.

Our experienced team

We have widespread expertise in property development, management and construction.

Our diverse team comprises project managers, sales and lettings experts, property lawyers, financial experts, social housing and property managers, marketeers, construction experts and architects.

We are always on the look out for talented and ambitious individuals to join our team, who think a little outside the box. Please contact us for further information whether you are an experienced property professional or a student looking for an internship.

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